Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring is here!

Spring is here people, and it's about time. I've been very busy with work and getting my house back in order (I didn't realize all the work I was in for when I bought a 50+ year old house). Sorry to everyone who has contacted me about bike work lately, I know I've been slow to respond, but rest assured I still want your business! Things are starting to level off a little now so I'll be getting back in the swing of bike builds and repairs soon. There are a couple cool projects coming up that I"ll keep you posted on. One is an original Croll mountain frame that I'll be doing a full XO-1 conversion on, and the other is a vintage Santana mountain restore.

If you need a spring tune up, just mention the secret phrase "Monkey Brains" when you get ahold of me and get $10 off a tune up or wheel build (I hear it also works to get free sandwiches at Subway). Keep it real and I'll see you soon.