Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Bikelophone

: Originally constructed in June 1995 as a side instrument for The Lyle and Sparkleface Band, the bikelophone has evolved into a palette of sonic exploration.

With magnetic pickups attached to amplify the sound, anything connected to the bike becomes amplified. The current configuration includes - bass strings, scrap wood and metal, metal bowls, telephone bells, a mechanical foot pedal and a touch sensitive tone generator.

The bikelophone produces sounds ranging from tranquil bliss to cacophonic terror. Using a loop-based recording system and outboard signal processors (reverbs, delays, pitch shifts, etc.), sound compositions are built in layers. These compositions become the foundation for additional solo meanderings using - vocals, tone generators, plastic wind instruments, or anything that makes a sound. Visit the inventor of the Bikelophone’s website for more sounds and info. [Thanks to Marc Garrett.]