Friday, June 5, 2009

For all of you who...

...who are absolutely blown away by Shimano's new electronic shifting system, let's take a minute to remember Suntour Accushift Plus (circa 1989). From the Suntour Museum -

AccuShift Plus ramped cogs and Power Ring chain wheels improved shifting performance. Suntour X-Press under bar, two lever shifters. Multi Mount control systems allow the shifters to be mounted inboard or outboard of the brake lever. Licensed the Beast front shifting system from Browning. The chain was shifted by hinged gates instead of a front derailleur. Delivery was 18 months late and very few bikes actually used the system. Below are some pictures of the system installed on nickel plated Team Marin frame. It is functional but seems to have a mind of its own some time. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

This is the control box. The signal from the shifter moves the "railroad switch" to engage the tab that hinges the chain ring assembly.

Picture of the hinged chain ring section. You can see the switching tab right below the crank arm.

Pretty simple stuff. "H" for a higher gear and "L" for a lower gear.

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